Presenting Smy Chutney

I am really pleased and proud to present...Presenting Smy Chutney, a short film made by Emma Crouch who is a London based photographer, film maker and project manager, a huge Smy Chutney supporter and also a dear friend.  You can see more of Emma's work at her website -

, her


, her

youtube channel

, exhibited at the

Avo Hotel

and for sale at the

View Tube


A few months ago, Emma and I met at

Poppies Fish and Chips

on Hanbury Street for a bit of lunch and a bit of a chat about an idea she'd had about working together.  Emma and I had worked together in the past and I knew her work ethic, attention to detail and resulting work to be outstanding.  I also knew that we would have a lot of fun working together and jumped at the chance to do so.  This was a photo we took at our first meeting at Poppies, we look quite serious, perhaps we were really hungry or perhaps all the other photos we took were a little bit silly.

I am so pleased with the results and cannot praise or thank Emma enough. She has delivered a video that has met, and far exceeded, my expectations from our first meeting.

and remember...

it's not your chutney...

it's Smy Chutney.