Foodie Booty - British Larder Suffolk- 1 Oct 2011

Last Saturday I attended the

British Larder's

Foodie Booty event in Woodbridge, Suffolk.  The British Larder Suffolk is the foodie pub/restaurant experience created by two professional chefs, Madalene Bonvini-Hamel and Ross Pike, who are committed to using locally sourced produce.  The event was a car boot sale in their parking lot with a foodie twist and lots of lovely goods on offer.  I had kindly been invited along to attend the Foodie Booty with Pump Street Bakery from my village, Orford and lots of other local food producers. 

It was mid-way through the unbelievable stretch of weather that surpassed anything that I recall experiencing all summer.  It was 1 October and with a sunrise like this how could it be anything but a wonderful day.

Peppered along the fence were a patchwork of spider webs, glistening and dewy in the early sunshine. I was half expecting to see Charlotte conducting the orchestra of spiders.

I set up my stall where I was selling a nice variety of products including, six-pepper jelly, apple and pepper chutney, banana and date chutney, greengage jam, lemon curd, plum gumbo, strawberry and pineapple jam and rhubarb chutney.




set up the

Pump Street Bakery

stall selling delicious bread and baked treats from the shop in Orford. 


Suffolk Providore

brings the best Suffolk food and produce to you. They have a brilliant online shop and convenient delivery service including a very popular fruit and veg box service.  At the Foodie Booty they had local sweetcorn, cabbage, potatoes and fennel on offer.

There were luxurious Belgian chocolate celebration cakes from

Melton Cakes


Sutton Hoo Free Range and Organic Chicken

were there and I tried their grilled chicken and chilli sausages which were delicious.

We chatted to the lovely Richard who was selling sweets and I couldn't resist a bag of foam bananas, pure sugar I know but nonetheless tasty.

I was offered a trade of a jar of chutney for a jar of Professor Baker's Pickled Wombats, which I accepted.  Before you call Peta you can rest assured that no wombats were harmed in the pickling of the above jars' contents, they are actually pickled walnuts.

There was fruit, veg, plants and herbs available from David and his daughter they can also be found regularly at the Orford Country Market on Saturdays as well.

Lina's Lottie was a one-stop Foodie Booty bonanza with produce, jams, cookery books and crockery.

There was delicious Suffolk Honey and information on beekeeping available.

I loved

Nut Tree Farm's

gourmet infused vinegars and their beautiful display. The flavours include dark chocolate vinegar, spiced blackberry vinegar and coffee vinegar to name a few of the many available.

And then there was the hog roast provided by

Dingley Dell Pork

.  Charlotte and her spiders were apparently too busy spinning dazzling webs along the fence to write "Some Pig" and save Wilbur below but "Tasty Pig" would have been more appropriate.


Here's Madalene preparing a hog roast roll.....

...and here is me eating the delicious hog roast roll that was generously provided by Madalene and

Dingley Dell Pork

to Foodie Booty traders.  The meat was perfect and the crackling divine.

Here's a selection of gorgeous British Larder treats and preserves and if you go to

Madalene's British Larder blog

you will find all manner of delicious recipes and an

online shop

full of handy kitchen tools.

Here are three lovely ladies, and happy Smy Chutney customers, enjoying the gorgeous day on the British Larder grounds.  I had a great day meeting and chatting to new people, food producers and customers.  I sold out of six-pepper jelly, rhubarb chutney and plum gumbo.  My favourite bit of feedback was from a customer who said the initial sweetness of six-pepper jelly lured him into "a false sense of security" before the secondary wave of spiciness hit.

Many thanks to British Larder for a wonderful day and all the people and traders who came out to celebrate local produce in a really unique and fun community gathering.

and remember...

it's not your chutney...

it's Smy Chutney.