Smy Goodness is the amalgamation of all of its creator Emmerline Smy's strengths:  luxury preserves, decorative design and learning experiences. For over ten years Emmerline has been trading as Smy Chutney and teaching and consulting as Smy Workshops. Rather than live parallel lives Emmerline decided to rebrand as Smy Goodness and provide a home for all her offerings that reflects what she hopes to provide.

Emmerline studied historic preservation, a course which focuses of history, architecture, archaeology, decorative arts and museum studies. Emmerline discovered she had a passion for jewellery, ceramics and prints and applied her focus on history to these areas. For almost fifteen years she has taught bead making, the history of beads and their cultural importance throughout time.

As a side project Emmerline began making chutneys and discovered that fruits and vegetables  have such stories to tell of where and how they have evolved and travelled with us throughout human history. It was a natural progression to start teaching how to make preserves as Emmerline loves sharing her passion and skills with people.

Emmerline has over twelve years of experience in accreditation and quality assurance  in the education and voluntary sector. This means she has the rare ability to know exactly what providers and learners need from workshops and she is able to provide this in fun, informative and valuable sessions tailor made to her clients.

The ethos of Smy Goodness is sharing the beauty, history, culture and patterns of fruits, vegetables, art and design.