Ep23 - A Rhubarb of a Pickle of a Jam

This episode looks at where rhubarb came from and how it traveled the world. I look at the changes from how rhubarb was first used by humans to how it is enjoyed today. We'll learn about the etymology of rhubarb, the need for albarelli drug jars and then there's the utterly interesting link between rhubarb and the Zoroastrian creation myth. I'll share why the culinary tradition of Forced Rhubarb fully deserves its PDO status. I will share how I was inspired by the rhubarb inspired artworks by Nikolai Astrup, Mary Fedden, Elizabeth Johnson. I share some of the ways that I use rhubarb in my cookery, preserves, food photography and patterns.

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Ep3 - The Magical Lemon w/Hardeep Singh Kohli

This week it's all about the magical lemon and I sat down with comedian, chef, journalist, broadcaster and my dear friend Hardeep Singh Kohli to talk about his professional take on lemons. As usual in the interviews for the podcast, personal memories came to mind and as usual with Hardeep we had lots of laughs throughout our conversation. You can find Hardeep on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks so much Hardeep for appearing on the podcast and being such a good friend.

Below are images of some art and design elements relating to lemons which were mentioned in the podcast. These include Claude Monet, Francisco de Zurbarán, Joseph Beuys, Karan Singh, Philippe Starck, Jif lemons. There are also some images of my lemon curd and pudding creations.

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