Ep26 - Octopus, Polpo, Pulpo, Tako: Takoyaki - My Delicious Dilemma

Throughout the world and throughout time, people and cultures have both revered and feared this eight-limbed, legendary Cephalopod - the octopus. We’ll look at the mythology and folklore of the octopus, their physiology and behaviour; which all strengthen their reputation as symbols of strength, intelligence and mystery. We’ll look at artworks by Japanese master Hokusai, resin artist Keng Lye, potter Tammy Garcia and illustrator Esther Van Hulsen. Plus I make takoyaki - round octopus pancake balls! This whole episode was inspired by a chat to my amazing friend Michiru who I miss a lot! She was eating takoyaki while we were video chatting on Line and I just knew I had to make them! Thanks Michi!!! xox

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