Christmas Catalogue


I hope that everyone is faring better with their Christmas preparations than me. Luckily for fans of Smy Chutney, I am working furiously to prepare orders and fill gift boxes so that everyone can make their Christmas and holidays that much more tasty by giving, sharing and tasting Smy Chutney with their friends and family. Smy Chutney is on sale for a limited time for the holidays so be sure to order now. There are just a few days left to order your homemade luxury chutney, jelly and jam. You can email me at with any orders, questions or comments or alternatively to get a higher resolution pdf version of the catalogue.

If you would like to come and sample before you buy you can find Smy Chutney at:

Whitecross Street Market

on Thursday and Friday

Broadway Market Schoolyard Expansion

on Saturdays.

I can usually deliver orders over £20 within London, just drop me an email.

and remember...

it's not your chutney...

it's Smy Chutney.