Spaghetti Frittata with Cavolo Nero


Above is the spaghetti frittata with cavolo nero, gorgonzola dulce, crushed pine nuts, basil and seasoned with some smoked paprika. On the left is the underside before I flipped it and on the right is the finished product before I had half of it for dinner with a radish salad which I will be sharing later. The spaghetti cooked again gives a lovely texture that is still moist from the egg binding all the ingredients together. The basil, pine nuts and gorgonzola dulce worked really well with the smoked parpika to add just enough flavour while keeping those flavours simple and well balanced. I love a spaghetti frittata as a way to use up left over spaghetti and I always have a bit of left over spaghetti because I hate not having enough spaghetti when eating pasta. It's basically one of the items that I will always overestimate and follow up the next day with a leftovers meal for example with extra potato which I turn it into fishcakes.