Mosaic Workshops at Wentworth Children's Centre

Here is the finished product of the mosaic that I facilitated at Wentworth Children's Centre. The mosaic will be hung in the children's play area outside and is made of different elements that are important to the Centre. The mosaic group families and Centre wanted to focus on how much the children enjoy playing outside and going on trips to Victoria Park which is so close to the Centre. The hands going along the edges are of children, staff and families who use the centre and inside are things they associate with the outside. There's even a nod to Fred the Tortoise who lives at Wentworth School.

Over the course of six weeks the group met and made mosaic elements that were then added to a piece of MDF measuring200 x 100 cm. We made the mosaics using paper tiles that I had cut with a guillotine and we used a variety of glues and card to make our different elements. We used paint and sand to give the mosaic further texture and depth.  We looked at different mosaic techniques and practices from across the world and throughout history.

Thanks so much to all the families and staff for all their hard work and committment.