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Bon Appétit asked their editors what #apocalypsefood they would stockpile in the event of...well, an apocalypse. One of them is a mind-boggling tin of brown bread.

The Telegraph lays down the facts on Britain's fattest pigs, Boris and Marjorie. The stats are very good if not very Boris-centric.

Design Culinaire or OCD - food arranging ad -very Rorschach test but it doesn't take away the fact it's for a diet food app. Via Wired

Super Chefs have lunch and chat shop:  Thomas Keller, Grant Achatz, Ben Shewry, Brett Graham, Neil Perry, Heston Blumenthal. Via Good Food.

It's Burger v Burger at Borough Market on 17 Oct! - Courtesy of London Food Fight.

Celebrate Jose Cuervo and the Day of the Dead at Selfridges 1-2 November. Via Harpers.