Atelier Food

Swedish project

Atelier Food

seeks new solutions and innovation through food.  International chef Stefan Eriksson began the new project in Stockholm which aims to

explore the relationship between food and society.

  Fellow chefs, artists, designers, business leaders and more gather to examine the future of food and its symbiotic relationships with culture, sustainability, transportation and development through workshops, food labs and discussions.




Still Life by Petter Johansson Art Direction And Design

I am currently thinking, researching and writing about food to an extent that my conscious and unconscious are wandering a plan much like the one in Petter Johansson's beautiful images above.  I am unable to read Swedish to fully understand everything on the website but the interviews in English are fantastically eclectic and the ethos of the project makes me want to march to Atelier Food Lab and get involved.  I look forward to following their work closely.