These Were a Few of My Favourite Things

Happy New Year!

Last night I moved out of my flat after five long years.  Or perhaps I should say I moved out this morning as I spent my New Years Eve cleaning until 2AM with a good friend, both of us high on cleaning fluids. I have loved living in this neighbourhood but it is time to move on. The building used to be a "small box" manufacturers as well as housing for it's workers.  It's across from Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Restaurant and Westland Place Studios.  Around here has always felt to me like not really Hoxton or Shoreditch, on the outskirts of Hackney, straddling the central, north and east quadrants of London.  I have loved living here for the location and the space has allowed me space to live, laugh, make chutney and store thousands of glass jars.  When I first moved in it was a pretty alright deal but the rent has been raised almost £600 in the past three years. It was the sort of flat that people ooh and aah over when they visit and also a dying breed as it's a massive open plan warehouse space.  In five years an empty shell became full of DIY projects, furniture, paintings, plants from Columbia Rd and items that I found or have been gifted to me by Angus. 

However much I loved living in this flat the last year it has been an albatross around my neck.  It has been sad to dismantle five years of my life in Pickwick House, but I am excited to simplify and start a new chapter somewhere else. Since I've been here they have encased the building in flats and put a two-story conversion on top and the neighbourhood has changed so much in my short five years here.  Having to turn in my keys for 1 January 2013 and packing up during my busiest time of the year has been stressful.  So I'm taking a break and heading to Orford, Suffolk to breathe some fresh country air, spend some time with my family, do some research and figure out where in London I'd like to come back to.  Wherever I end up may not be as cosy or central but it


definitely be cheaper and allow me to throw myself into Smy Chutney and the many exciting adventures that are already underfoot for 2013. 

Here are a few of the many things I have enjoyed having on my doorstep: