It's 'Blog EAT Blog' Out There!

I'll be participating in the fourth leg of the Blog Eat Blog series which has been created and arranged by



Big Apple Hot Dogs



) to get bloggers and food-lovers together for fun and fodder by challenging them to create the ultimate topping for his ultimately tasty hotdogs.  I met Abiye last year and he's great, his hot dogs are great and it's great that his Old St stall is just around the corner!

The Blog EAT Blog series have been held each Sun lunch since 26 Feb at the

Vibe Bar

.  Unfortunately I couldn't attend the first three heats but I've been following the latest Blog EAT Blog news via Big Apple Hot Dogs twitter, the participants twitters and blogs and I've decided to to a little summary here in preparation for this weeks upcoming heat of which I will be stepping into the ring.

Heat One - 26 February:

Here is a photo from the day by Big Apple Hot Dog...

...and here is a close up of a Big Apple Hot Dog + Turkish Slaw by and from


  of the

Hand to Mouth blog

The winner of Heat One of Blog EAT Blog

 Check out the full run down of the day and winning recipe here at the

Hand to Mouth blog.

Heat Two - 4 March:

Check out ALL of the following blog posts as they feature brilliant pics, recipes and stories of those participating who were...

Ian who can be found twittering as


and making people hungry on

Pie for Brains

and tempting people at Blog EAT Blog with

a West Indian inspired Callaloo & crab, with pickled red onions and fiery hot pepper sauce.  He has done a brilliant

post on his website



Adam twitters as


and blogs about food and all sorts as

Bussche Tucker

he also has done a super fine post on the days events and his entry the


on his blog



Burger Anarchy

can be found on twitter as


and came up with the brilliantly sounding and titled

Bacon Cheese Animal Dog. You can find the recipe for their

Bacon Pickle Animal Cheese Sauce on their

London Burger and Food Blog.

Tuck & Vine

created a Smoked Beetroot Mayo doubled with a Kiwi Pinot reduction by Louis Fernando for their entry and have blogged about it


and can be found on twitter at



There's also a great piece and photos here that summarises Heat Two by

Street Feast


Heat Three - March 11:

The participants this week were...


7 Thumbs Up



who created a bourbon-bacon marmalade with crispy fried leeks topping. I'm curious from his Twitter info and nod to the Red Sox if he is from Massachusetts...? Do check out his

post on the day

and here's a great photo of all four contestants entries from



The chilli cheese goodness on the bottom left belongs to 

The Londoner

whose blog I had me at Slutty Brownies! She tweets as


and she has

posted about the day on her



Next up was 

Chris Green

and his Damson Relish, pictured top right, and a man after my own can see his recipe and all about the day on his website


and find him on Twitter



Then there was


Poutine topping of cheese curds, gravy and crushed crackers and can be seen above lower right

. Paul can be found on Twitter as


, or on his

Mouth Watering


and I also loved Sunshine Day's


covering Heat Three and her shoes!

Heat Four - 18 March:




) will be participating...

as will Amy of

Grumblings from a Greedy Girl



Carla of

Can Be Bribed with Food




and I know I'll be participating and I'll give you a secret ingredient is six-pepper jelly!!!

Come out and say hello, this Sunday at the Vibe Bar!!!

and remember...

it's not your chutney...

it's Smy Chutney.

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Emma Crouch



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