My New Friends - Jimmu and Retromarche

Here are my two new friends, Jimmu (yellow) and Retromarche (orange), who were very sweetly given to me as a Christmas present.  

Many years ago I had a much larger fish tank with several fish and filter prawns in there and they were great fun but inevitably and eventually they all died and I moved and left the fish tank there.  I'm in a bit of a quandry as I'm not sure how humane it is for these two fish to be in their fishbowl and two minutes worth of googling confirms that it isn't very.  I'm hoping to get another tank but in the meantime I'm changing water every other day and keeping a close eye on them.  Perhaps these would make nice alternative fish gifts:

Joost Elffers and Saxton Freymann's bok choy fish from their brilliant book Food Play.

This video and Riusuke Fukahori's work is incredible and can be seen at the ICN Gallery on Leonard St until 11 Jan 2012.