Broadway Market Expansion 20 Nov 2010

The market was proper jokes this week! There were laughs, music, food, rumour mongering, education, lots of people and all in all a lovely vibe in the air. It was also the coldest day out there so far but my handy pocket warmers helped take my mind off that as did eating, laughing and flogging Smy Chutney. I debuted my Christmas gift boxes this week and they were very well received.

I will shortly be emailing out an order form in case people cannot make it to the market. Email me on, join smy chutney fan page on facebook or befriend smy chutney on twitter if you would like to receive the email or would like to order any of my homemade chutney, jelly or jam.

There were some new faces in the market this week but first - one of the established and one of the loveliest stalls in the market, Ray Stitch, a one-stop-shop for clever stitchers.

It is positively full to the brim with buttons, fabric, patterns, wools and lots of other items you may need to create beautiful new things! And fellow stall holder Candy Camper did just that with a make your own handbag kit from Ray Stitch which she had made and was on display yesterday. Wish I got a photo of that as it is lovely but as I was taking the photo of Ray Stitch's lovely sign I was unaware that I had a customer at my own stall. I've only just noticed now that if you look at the photo of the sign you can see Brat & Suzie stall holder pointing me out to my return customer who needed his fix of banana & date chutney after going through a jar in one week, told you it was jokes! Speaking of Brat & Suzie, her clothing and bags are fantastic and I bought one for my friend and photographer Michuru (check out her amazing flickr!) and will have to get some for me next. One of Michiru's favourite words is 'apparently,' and Barbara Windsor was, 'apparently,' on the door at the St. Joseph's Hospice jumble sale which was on at Mare Street this Saturday and 'apparently' there was a massive queue. I tried to start a rumour that Barbara was 'apparently' going to show up at the Expanded Broadway Market but I don't think it really had any legs and my legs were cold and tired after lugging 70 kilos (new record) of chutney on my amazing Y-Frame cycle trailer!

I cannot NOT mention Cupcakes & Tarts beautiful cupcake bouquet:
Stunning and delicious. You'll want a hot beverage with that so why not stop by at Bean in the City:
There are so many brilliant vehicles at the market!

Also on my Christmas list will be items from Expansion Market newcomer and fresh print designer, Tope Tijani (on the right):

I heart print in a major way and these pieces are stunning, well crafted, playful yet chic. I want a mini satchel, belt, neckplate and coin purse. You will definitely be seeing Chelsea College of Art grad Tope in all the glossies rather soon, so I would come and get some of her work now before they all get snapped up!

Another newcomer was Zakuski - Russian and Caucasian food. I had never heard of Causasian food and never properly tried Russian food either but you learn, and can taste, something new every Saturday at the market - it is the cuisine of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, North Ossetia-Alania, Abkhazia, and the Adyghe.

For example, this tasty kolebyaka - salmon dish:
There were other new market stalls which I will be featuring and new ones arriving next week. The main Broadway Market is established and lovely and I am up and down it to get my usual bits and pieces that I can't do without but be sure to check out the new Expansion part of Broadway Market - round the corner from the Cat & Mutton in the schoolyard. There is time and space to chillax and chat, unique food and design - bring/tell your friends!!!

and remember...
it's not your chutney...
it's Smy Chutney