Broadway Market - 23 & 30 October 2010

I'm getting a


bit behind on my Broadway Market updates on account of the amount of chutney that I have been making. This is a combination post on the past two weeks with photos from 23 Oct, let's keep it short and sweet. Speaking of sweet, here are Emma and Tom who are funny, sweet, big


Chutney fans and supporters and, like me - they are huge Eastbound and Down fans!

If you went to lots of festivals this summer then you may recognise

Candy Camper

who sells sweeties from her, well -

Candy Camper

! It is like a little ray of sunshine for the market.

Speaking of delicious here is

Fiendish &


, purveyors of cakes. May I recommend the mini sponges...and the coffee-


walnut ones...and actually it is all delicious!

More tasty treats from Cupcakes & Tarts, all I will say is - Guinness cupcakes!

Last but not least are



, brilliant graphic tees for all ages that make perfect presents or personal presents.

More pictures to come as there are so many great stall holders with amazing products as well as the great food on offer. I forgot to take pictures on 30 Oct but it was a brilliant day and thanks to Hollie, Smy Chutney stall regular - Nick and the spanish contingent especially Karmen, Jorge, Nico and Violaine.

So hurry, hurry, hurry and make sure you check out the playground extension of Broadway Market...

and remember...

it's not your chutney...