Bank Holiday Weekend in Orford

Smy Chutney went home to Orford, Suffolk this past bank holiday weekend. It was the Orford Flower Show which is not to be missed! Auntie Chrissie has a stand at the Flower Show and she along with other allotment holders and members of the community generously donates the fruit and veg she grows on her allotment to charity. Smy Chutney donate jars of chutney and this year they raised almost £600 for charity! Auntie Chrissie always send us home with mountains of produce for Smy Chutney for which we are SO grateful and nothing really compares to time spent with family in the country.

These are some of the ella bellas, damsons and greengages that we picked for the stand:

Here is a big, beautiful country is really heartbreaking to think that bumblebees are struggling all over the world and falling in numbers, they are such hard-working creatures and so crucial to nature and the food chain!

and's not your chutney
it's Smy Chutney.