Ep5 - Pancakes & Creativity w/Aimee Furnival of Another Studio

This week I'll be looking at pancakes and chatting to Aimee Furnival, Founder and Director of Another Studio. Another Studio is a craft-design practice creating original products for the desk, home and workplace. At the heart of their studio is the notion that a creative idea combined with playful material exploration will result in brilliant designs. Aimee and I made pancakes together and chatted about creativity, similarities between cooking and design processes and how design affects the items that surround us in our kitchens and dining rooms and as we prepare and share our meals. This episode will look at how and why the flat, round pancake is universally enjoyed across the world in different variations and how this has been represented in art, history and design. There are artworks and stories from Rembrandt, Heironymous II, Tiger Tomato and stories of the first cookbook aimed at a medieval female audience and the background of the Aunt Jemima trademark.

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