Meringue Nests:

  • Lemon curd topped with orange and lemon zest served with raspberries and cream
  • Marmalade marinated  mango topped with roasted pistachios and cardamom seeds
  • Black cherry & black pepper conserve served with toasted almonds
  • Passionfruit jam and macadamia nuts.
  • Strawberry & balsamic vinegar conserve served with toasted walnuts, strawberry and cream

Smy Goodness Spread with Charcuterie and Cheese Boards:

  • Six-pepper jelly, Apple & pepper chutney, Pumpkin & pomegranite chutney
  • Black cherry & black pepper, Seville marmalade, Plum gumbo

Braised Duck Leg, Braised Cabbage, Flat Potatoes served with Plum Gumbo

White Chocolate Bread Pudding with Strawberry & Balsamic Conserve

Beetroot & Black Carrot Cake with Six-Pepper Nutty Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Candied Black Carrot