Homemade Dips & Sauces Workshops

Participants will learn how to make various dips and sauces such as hummous, guacamole, chilli sauce and more. The sessions focus on healthy eating, are fun, informative and tasty while learning new skills and different ways to use dips and sauces at home.


Potential Learning Outcomes:

  • Use common units of measure, convert between related units of the metric system and carry out calculations. (Numeracy)
  • Explore numbers, understand quantities and use them to count, create sequences and describe order. (Numeracy)
  • Develop listening, watching and understanding skills from tutor and resources. (Literacy)
  • Use search facilities of electronic sources to access and retrieve information. (ICT)
  • Take photographs or recording sound and images to represent my experiences and the world around me.  (ICT)
  • Explore and use technologies to communicate with others, i.e.- social media/blogs/on-line shop. (ICT)
  • Discover how fruits and vegetables are nutritionally important.
  • Identify the different ways that dips and sauces are made and used.
  • Define, discuss and use different decorations, uses and techniques to present dips and sauces.

   Sample Courses 

  • Minimum length of 2 hours to create one dip and/or sauce.
  • 1/2 day course with participants creating at least one dips and/or sauces and/or additional items made from dip and/or sauce.
  • 1 day course with participants creating at least three dips and/or sauces with customised label.
  • Please note that the above courses give a rough idea of course length but can be tailored to suit any length of time, class size and/or budget.