Team Building Jam Making Workshops

My background in quality assurance and facilitation means that Smy Goodness Corporate Workshops are fun and tasty sessions embedded with productive skills useful for all staff and volunteers.

During the session the team members work together through the steps and stages of jam making and are rewarded with sampling their freshly made creations as well as taking jars with them to enjoy with pride later or gift to others.

All equipment and ingredients will be provided, all that is needed are tables and chairs. Sessions are available in half-day and full day sessions and each session is tailor-made to meet your particular staff team, work environment and needs. Options include:

  • making jams to give as promotional gifts to clients
  • making jams that can be sold in aid of your charity or the charity of your choice
  • "MasterJam" workshops where teams or departments create their own unique flavours
  • Catered breakfast, lunch and snacks available
  • Branded labelling of jam jars

Please email to further discuss planning a workshop for your organisation.