Candle Making Courses

Participants create handmade candles of different colours and aromas. There are discussions around the history and importance of candles throughout history and how they have been made and how we enjoy them today. Using simple techniques and methods the students choose which colours and aromas they want their candles to be, melt down candle wax and place their wicks within the candle holder. The learners decorate labels for their candles and will take their candles with them to enjoy at home or give as a gift to family or friends. Health and safety is covered and emphasised and the workshops are safe for all ages, children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult.

Sample Courses

  • 1/2 day course with participants creating several candles and making a container to keep them in.
  • 1 day course with participants creating a variety of candles in individual containers.
  • 2 hour course over four weeks with participants creating a collection of candles with different base materials, moulds and decorations.
  • 2 hour course over six weeks with participants creating a collection of candles with different base materials, moulds and decorations.
  • Please note that the above courses give a rough idea of course length but can be tailored to suit any length of time, class size and/or budget, to discuss further please email.









Potential Learning Outcomes:

  • Use common units of measure, convert between related units of the metric system and carry out calculations. (Numeracy)
  • Explore numbers, understand quantities and use them to count, create sequences and describe order. (Numeracy)
  • Develop listening, watching and understanding skills from tutor and resources. (Literacy)
  • Use search facilities of electronic sources to access and retrieve information. (ICT)
  • Take photographs or recording sound and images to represent my experiences and the world around me.  (ICT)
  • Explore and use technologies to communicate with others, i.e.- social media/blogs/on-line shop. (ICT)
  • Discover how candles are important to humans historically, culturally and in technology and health.
  • Identify the different ways that candles are made and used in historic and modern times.
  • Define and discuss candles, its uses, tools/materials required, terminology and examples.
  • Create soaps using candles making materials.
  • Identifying colours, shapes and aromas.
  • Develop candle making skills and techniques.  
  • Assess and describe the candle making process processes.
  • Discuss techniques of critiquing work and put into practice by critically assessing creations made by themselves and fellow learners.
  • Gain an understanding of how to present and store candle for themselves, as gifts to others or in a retail environment.