Bead-making and Jewellery-making Courses

Participants create handmade items that are unique in that with my polymer clay workshops, the participants make the beads from which they then hand make their own unique individual pieces. The work created is largely jewellery focused but polymer clay is a very versatile medium and students also sculpt, image transfer, incorporate fabrics and metals into their work. Students report that they find the courses a creative outlet that is also relaxing and are proud of their individual creations that they wear themselves or give as gifts to family and friends. There is also scope for the students to sell their creations on-line and/or in markets to raise money for themselves and/or charity. Workshops have included activities for International Women's Day, Black History Month and have focused on making African trade beads, Italian millefiori beads, Islamic patterns and pre-historic beads.


Sample Courses

  • 1/2 day course with participants creating at least one bracelet, necklace and pair of earrings.*
  • 1 day course with participants creating at least two bracelets, necklaces, rings and pairs of earrings.*
  • 2 hour course over four weeks with participants creating a collection of bracelets, necklaces rings and earrings.
  • 2 hour course over six weeks with participants creating a collection of bracelets, necklaces rings and earrings.
  • Please note that the above courses give a rough idea of course length but can be tailored to suit any length of time, class size and/or budget. *Half-day and full-day polymer clay beadmaking courses require a standard oven to cure beads but this can be worked around. 






    Potential Learning Outcomes:

    • Use common units of measure, convert between related units of the metric system and carry out calculations. (Numeracy)
    • Explore numbers, understand quantities and use them to count, create sequences and describe order. (Numeracy)
    • Develop listening, watching and understanding skills from tutor and resources. (Literacy)
    • Use search facilities of electronic sources to access and retrieve information. (ICT)
    • Take photographs or recording sound and images to represent my experiences and the world around me.  (ICT)
    • Explore and use technologies to communicate with others, i.e.- social media/blogs/on-line shop. (ICT)
    • Discover how beads are historically, culturally and artistically important.
    • Identify the different ways that beads are used in modern jewellery making.
    • Define and discuss polymer clay, its uses, tools/materials required, terminology and examples.
    • Handle and model basic beads and bead shapes using polymer clay.
    • Develop polymer clay millefiori and cane techniques.  
    • Assess and describe the PC millefiori and cane processes
    • Demonstrate ability to make 4 main types of PC beads, spiral, bull’s eye, stripes and monochrome.
    • Discuss techniques of critiquing work and put into practice by critically assessing creations made by themselves and fellow learners.
    • Develop bead designs and bead collection.
    • Gain an understanding of how bead artists would present their work and different methods of doing so.