Smy Goodness Catering

Smy Goodness offers mouthwatering, exquisite, stylish and bespoke catering to events, weddings, gallery openings and parties of all shapes and sizes. Using the freshest seasonal ingredients and signature Smy Goodness preserves and potions each brief is carefully tailored to meet the exact needs of each client and their event. Clients can expect peace of mind that their event will be impeccable from start to finish with exceptional food, beverages, staff and decor all with the Smy Goodness attention to detail that will allow the client and their guests to relax, focus on their event and enjoy themselves.

canapes tic tac toe.jpg

Charcoal Biscuit Canapés

Savoury butter and charcoal biscuits provide a healthy and cleansing base for this range of canapés. Seen here with luxury imported cheeses, Smy Goodness preserves and floral garnishes. Canapés are custom designed and planned to each clients wishes and requirements of their event. Click below for more photos and details.


Blini Canapés

Handmade blinis provide the perfect canvas for a wide array of carefully selected toppings. Seen here with the simple but impactful choice of cream cheese topped with Smy Goodness six-pepper jelly.  Blini options are endless and carefully created to each clients brief. Click below for more photos and details.

New Orleans Cuisine

Emmerline lived in New Orleans for several years and was inspired creatively and culinarily. New Orleans dishes such gumbo (pictured), jambalaya, ettouffee, po-boy sandwiches are proven classics and perfect for entertaining. All dishes can be customised as vegetarian, meat or seafood options. Click below for more photos and details.


Meringue Nests

Meringues are made to order in bite size, small, medium and showcase sizes. Meringues are topped with fresh fruit, Smy Goodness preserves, edible fresh flowers and more. They can be infused with nuts and flowers, colour matched to order using all-natural food colourings. Click below for more photos and details.